the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

Genre: poetry



There were so many pages I liked I ripped up a napkin and used it as bookmarks and now my family is laughing at me.

I think people who really dislike this collection and the previous “milk and honey” isn’t able to look past the “it’s not poetry!?!” opinion and realize it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s gotten so popular because it’s relatable fears, opinions and thoughts from a young woman, perfectly phrased and with powerful, simple drawings. What’s so bad about that? Sometimes I like poems where you have to decipher meanings and look up words no one would use in the real world, but I get why it’s not everyone’s preferance. Let people like what they want.

In this collection, I found that I especially liked the longer writings and those about family and, well, feelings. It’s something for most in here, another reason it’s so popular. It’s not the greatest writing I’ve read, but it’s precise, clear and simple. Some lines can help as short reminders, much better than the positive quotes everywhere, while others go more in depth. Would read again. It also helps that the book looks adorable. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily got very much from it.

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