Reading Harry Potter in spanish

It’s the middle of winter vacation and I’ve decided to start a project: to read “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” in spanish. Which makes it “Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale”, I had to google translate that, so now you know the level I’m at. In other words; wish me luck. 

A bit of background: I’ve had spanish in school for four and a half years. As usual with school language classes, the first three years we learned the basics, like colours and numbers. The fourth year we suddenly learned a shit-ton (in comparison) of grammar and verbs. Reading a spanish book now is mostly motivated by the stress of having a spanish test in a week and my (actual for forever) final exams in three to four months. I’ve always wanted to learn languages, especially spanish, but having it as a school subject is a different thing and much worse as I need a good grade.

Hopefully reading this book will expand my vocabulary, make me more comfortable with spanish and bring some fun to it! At the very least be a challenge, and I don’t think it will be a problem to tick that box after having read the first chapter. Fortunately I’m reading the book on kindle, so I can translate words I don’t understand. So far I’ve figured out muggle is the same in spanish, Quien-usted-sabe is you-know-who and búhos is owls.

I’ve read the Harry Potter series multiple times, in two languages (English and Norwegian), so I hope this will be an okay experience. Maybe this post will keep me accountable, to stay to my plan and read a chapter each day. Or a chapter over two days, as I get more busy after the vacation ends. I have yet to figure out how often I will update my progress, but at least I’ve started.

Anyone else has experience learning language through reading? It’s a big part of how I learned english, so took a long time to learn to pronounce words as well. Learned only a couple months ago recipe isn’t pronounced like receipt, which made my friends laugh. The struggles of being a reader, I guess.

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