The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

somewhat similiar to “aristotle and dante discovers the secrets to the universe” and “we are the ants”, with the good feeling, but at the same time thought-provoking content

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“When is the right time for anything? Who knows? Living is an art, not a science.” 


This beautiful young adult book is about growing up, family and dealing with serious shit. It’s a lot of crazy going on in every character’s life, but the way they stand together makes it seem like they could handle everything. I love Sal as a main character and his way of thinking, even if he doesn’t completely know himself yet, or those around him. His friend Sam is a strong girl, even with her sense of drama, and I love how it’s acknowledged. Not to forget Fito, he’s got too many jobs trying to survive until he can get to college, and he grew on me and the other characters. Sal’s dad is the definite winner. *MINOR SPOILER* “My dad grinned. ‘Some people collect stamps. Me? I collect seventeen-year-old kids.’” That sounded weirder than intended out of context. Trust me when I say he’s the best family father ever. And gay. And hispanic. I felt that should be mentioned somewhere.

I can’t really explain how magical this book feels. Benjamin Alire Sáenz also wrote “Aristotle and Dante discovers the secrets of the universe” which is a fantastic book, and this has the same feeling to it, especially the writing. It’s still two very different books, the topics and plots are not alike, but I would absoloutly recommend both. They’re something special. The one thing that irked me was how smoothly everything solves itself in the end. Sure, they have a lot of dilemmas and questions, but the dad is almost too nice of a person it seems unreal. At least as we see him through Sal’s eyes. But without the sometimes dreamy feeling the story has, it wouldn’t be what it is. And that’s a brilliant and warm book I’m so happy I read.

“’I’m proud of you,’ he said. ‘You’re a good kid. You’re gonna be somebody.’ We’re all somebody. That’s what I thought.” 

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