Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour | Review

Pages: 312

Genre: young adult, contemporary, lgbt

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“There is a calm in this room that assures me that we are exactly where we are meant to”


This book was a whole lot more than I thought it would be. It’s a lovely story of a girl who works with decorating movie sets falling in love with a mystery and then the girl underneath it. It’s weird how this book can be summarized in one sentence, while I sat there with a shocked, comical expression after finishing it. There’s nothing life-changing, wow-factor about the story. But it got to me anyway. How dare this book mask itself as an innocent contemporary book and then ruin me like this?

It has a sweet relationship, if perhaps not the full-blown romance some people might be expecting. I expected it too, but I found myself pleasantly suprised by what we got. The only thing I was itching my head over, was how I usually like these kickass, strong-willed girls. And this is rather the contrary. But while the main character wouldn’t be my pick, her sole-focusness and (perhaps wrong) feeling of being superior in what she does, that her way is the right one, really fits with the story. It would be completely different if she hadn’t had her head in the skies, for example she might have never meddled with someone else’s life. And then there would be no story. It’s a different kind of romance than most young adult books I’ve read. Perhaps it’s because of the wonderful writing and pacing, perhaps because of the slowness of the characters and the mystery.

This is the story the author wanted to convey. Simple as that. As Emi with her movie sets, every detail is the perfect backdrop for having two girls slowly fall in love with each other. This book is filled with special moments, but it’s the in-passing ones that really count. I think that focus is what makes this book stand out.

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This next quote gives me “Looking for Alaska” vibes:

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