Quote of the Week #3

It’s time for a new quote of the week!

Summer is what I consider new years in many ways, where I reflect about the year that has been and plan for the next. I don’t officially have summer vacation for another month, but with thirty degrees in usually cold Norway it certainly feels like it’s here already.

So I’ve been very reflective the last few days, about some things that lay heavy on me when I give them time to. I usually don’t, for this exact reason. The thing I’m thinking all about now is just how much people are capable of adjusting and adapting to situations they never thought they would find themselves in or survive. I’ve heard the phrase of “if that was me — well, I just wouldn’t know what to do” and every time I want to reply that they’re selling themselves short, they just haven’t seen their “normal”, what some might call comfort zone, being shaken up enough to find out. And fantasy books are great at showing this, without necessarily having the characters life completely destroyed and sad. Who wants to read about their reality? That was a joke, hopefully. Anway, this brings us back to the quote, which is from a young adult mob fantasy series I enjoyed and might write a review about one day.

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