Quote of the Week #5

It’s time for the quote of the week (as it hasn’t been happening the last few weeks)! If I remember correctly, these got darker and darker as my physical health declined, so this week were starting up light again.

blog (3).jpg

Okay, this is true. But I’m a student and when I have to study for a test, especially in a subject I don’t like such as geography (ugh), I will carry the textbook with me. Closed, as if I could gain the information by osmosis. It will end up in my bed next to my pillow, eat dinner with me, watch tv with me. I am carrying the damn book just because I am anxious. This has blown up in my face once or twice as I feel like I’ve read more than I really have, as I had the book on me this whole time, but didn’t actually study. More often than not though it will remind me to revise and remember information.

A couple days ago I was also at the library I grew up with, the first time in a year. And I had such a good time, reading books about anxiety as well as herbs. I ended up struggling to carry these six thick books through the whole city, with a ripped plastic bag draped over them to seem a bit more casual. Met my chilhood friend on the way and she was like “have you been shopping?”, I was like “the library” and she seemed very pleased of this proof that I had not changed much. I was too.


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