Quote of the Week #8

It’s time for the quote of the week, the post where I ramble and try to balance out the negative of the past week. This week is the last of summer vacation, it’s been both a very good summer and a very bad one (as I spent too much of it in the hospital). I am anxious for the new school year, so here’s trees.



I have not read the book this quote is from, but it’s still true for me. Nature is always a comforter for me, a way to unwind and breath. There’s psychology studies going around on how the ocean makes people feel calmer, with the open landscape it brings. I wouldn’t trust it, but I’ve found it true for myself. I mean – how can you really study things like that, especially narrowing down the reason? Guess we’ll find out as my politics class was cancelled this semester and seems like I’ll have to take psychology, shit. But this was about trees, I’ve never lived without them. (Or oceans for that matter.) If I look up right now I would see trees, which is a lucky and unfortunate side effect of living in a valley. A while back I listened to the episode Dendrology (TREES) of the podcast Ologies, which is the best science podcast you’ll find as every scientist interviewed are so passionate about their field, and learned so much.

Good luck to everyone returning to school!

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