Into The Wild? | Quote of the Week #9

It’s time of the quote of the week, the post with me rambling and trying to figure out my life. That wasn’t it… Where I present a quote?

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Sometimes quotes sounds inspirational, and then you hopefully realize how wrong or destructive they can be. This one was either said or highlighted in a book by a guy who went into the wild, survived for a long time, before dying of starvation. Well most likely, it’s debetable (it could be disease, it could be other theories- read the book). Even knowing that, this quote still hangs on to me. Christopher Johnson McCandless was a young person, seemingly with a lot of ideas and conflicts inside him. I don’t understand people who read this book and can’t imagine what would make a well-off recently graduated college guy try to escape materialism and the average workday and a life that so many people feel bound to their whole adult life. Hell, I consider running off into the wild regularly. Sometimes more seriously than others. Christopher took a too big of a risk in the end, but his determination and the dicipline he must’ve had to pull his journey off should be able to be admired. He seems like someone who was human, who had problems with something in the society he was a part of and decided to test himself, to go on an adventure.

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