Poetry: Two Sentences Reviews

I’ve been wishing to do shorter forms reviews as I’m reading books. I’m starting out with poetry collections as I’ve read a few recently and struggle to review in full because I read poetry for fun basically, and I don’t have the same experience reading and disecting them as I have with novels.






Counting Descent by Clint Smith

Powerful, brilliant debut poetry collection about being black in America, growing up and connections between history and present day. So many fantastic poems that really dug deep into me (you can also tell this guy is a teacher with the info he brings). 5/5 stars.



She Used to Be on a Milk Carton by Kailey Tedesco. 

Confusing poetry collection about going from girl to a woman, birth, death and everything in between with a lot of references to vampires and blood and bodies. Do not read it if you’re not really into poetry and want something unique. 1/5 stars. Thanks to the publisher for receiving this copy through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.




Whiskey Words & a Shovel by r h Sin

Very minimal in style (milk & honey – like), but not the worst I’ve read as it has more passion and rawness to it, before the author becoems preachy and repetitive. The poem above is one of the better, but still bullshit a “deep” 5th grader could’ve written. 2/5 stars. 

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