Quote of the Week #13

It’s time for the quote of the week, where I ramble about things.

I like this quote, even though it might not be correct in all cases always. It’s something to consider deeply though. Along the same lines of do not judge others harshly if you make the same mistake. Without going into what is true, I think it’s important to admit your own faults, fears and good sides. Or you’ll always project insecurities onto others, without truly realizing.

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A friend had some drama today. I do not know the complete truth about myself, but I do know more than the people who enlarge other’s flaws to look better themselves. People, just don’t be assholes, even if you don’t match personality-wise with someone. If you leave out psychopaths, there’s few people who are good or bad, like black and white. Sometimes I just truly hoped empathy would be more encouraged, instead of having one’s own ego and pride at the center.

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