Quote of the Week #16

Here’s the quote of the week –

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There’s this story that won’t leave me. It started more than a year ago and I started writing it down, like a first draft, but at one point it just stops, with no conclusion. WHat kind of story is that, it’s like having a part of a song stuck in your head, but not being able to listen to the rest – because it doesn’t exist. Some of you are surely gearing up for NaNoWriMo where everyone writes like crazy in November, and I’ve never participated. Wouldn’t call myself much of a writer either. I just want the end of this thing to come to me, I’ve sat down so many times and tried to just get it out. Nothing. There’s like a jump from this girl escaping this town, getting into some bad shit and then escaping that again for starting a new life. Like we’re talking “the goldfinch” kind of shift in tone and genre like midways in the story, because there’s no “end” to the first part. I have so many thoughts on why I have a mental block about the end. But I didn’t make this main character anything like me. I just can’t get to the bottom of it.

Also there’s another problem in that I cannot write. I feel very much like I did writing my first newspaper article, like googling what an article was and what the small text under a picture was called. If you have good resources for becoming a better writer, throw them at me pls

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