Bi-Weekly Update #5

It’s been three weeks, with a lot of studying (those 12pm deadlines, several days in a row you know), too much stress, all-out partying for once and in-depth reading over quantity. Also autumn, which I love dearly, lasted for two days in between massive rain and the frost laying upon us like a blanket of death. FUn. Also I made my first embroidery:

New book posts:

Review: “An absolutely remarkable thing” by Hank Green

Spoiler-review: “An absolutely remarkable thing” by Hank Green  (when you have so many thoughts, you make two reviews, basically just listing favourite moments in this one)

Short review: aliens & feminism

The sunshine blogger award

Top Ten Tuesday: Longest books I’ve read

Top Ten Tuesday: Libraries & bookstores I’d love to visit

Quote of the Week #16: on writing

Quote of the Week #17:

Other books I’ve been reading:

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman (currently reading) 

Three things on my mind:

  • It’s been the most inconvenient time for the library to shut down for a month, the one time in the last three years I’ve needed it, to get books for school essays. This library is really run-down and have nothing, and it’s finally going to get a completely new building and more books!!! I’M SO SO EXCITED, I love libraries and want a space to meet and hang out with bookfriends, hope that happens
  • I’m still not doing a lot of reading, because there’s so much schoolwork. But I’ve also been partying, so it’s not like I’ve been locked in my house studying like some certain other weekends (the previous one). Is that this balance thing I was looking for in my life? Non-stop studying or downing a bottle of (low-percentage) vodka? Sounds like I’m an actual student. Caffeine intake have increased about 300%, so everything’s GrEAT
  • I’ve been watching “Chilling adventures of Sabrina”, the new netflix series based on Sabrina the teenage witch. The cat, Salem, doesn’t speak, which was a let down. But I’ve really loved and enjoyed this series, it’s perfect for fall and I’m just a very big fan of most things witches.

Recent book buys:


  • Glass moon by Megan Pollak
  • How to fracture a fairy tale by Jane Yolen


  • His dark materials series by Philip Pullman in ebooks, because that literature class paper isn’t writing itself unfortunately (I waited to see if it would, with no luck)

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