Movie & TV Adaptations That I’m Terrified Of (Part 2) | Book Things

Tv series produced by BBC, based on book series by Philip Pullman

Remember the movie that everyone think is crap? Well, it’s bad plot-wise, and without the moral depth on the books, but at least I thought the effects like the polar bear was nice to look at. I’ve read the golden compass in depth for an essay recently, and it made me x5 times hyped for the tv series. There’s so much to take from! Questions of morality and humour! I just found out Lin-Manuel Miranda is playing LEE! Not too excited about casting choice for mrs. Coulter. I have high hopes for this one, it can’t fail a second time?

When? Filming wrapped in december, so it’s supposed to be out sometime now in 2019

Tv series produced by Amazon Prime and BBC Two, at least 6 episodes, based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett

I almost forgot Good Omens and that would’ve been bad. I’m so excited for it! Gaiman is heavily involved in the production, which is very promising. American Gods, his other book, has already become such a good tv series, it’s extremly aesthetically pleasing in a way that adds to the story. So I’m having good hopes for this one, especially because of the trailer. David Tennant is cast as the demon Crowley (not that I’ve seen doctor who).

Also I just listened to Neil Gaiman’s recent podcast episode on “Tea with Alice” where Neil talks about criticism of why it hasn’t come out yet (answer: film doesn’t edit itself). Twenty minutes in there’s tears in my eyes as he says how Terry Prachett wanted him to make it so he could watch it before he died, but went too soon, and now Gaiman has taken it on himself as to finish his friends last wish.

When? sometime in 2019

Here’s my review of the book

Tv series produced by Starz, at least 8 episodes, based on book by Daniel O’Malley

I’m terrified of this adaption. Know why? Stephenie Meyer is a producer. One of the castmembers described it as “violent and more sexual”, seemingly putting down the original book a bit as he describes the tv show. The rook is a fantasy book, with characters with weird supernatural powers, which is always a challenge to make work on screen. (This is going to be so bad, I can feel it.) The biggest trouble I think is multiple characters controlled by the same brain – a hivemind. Here’s where I throw my hands in the air and hope the people behind it all know what they are getting into.

When? Imdb claims it should be out in 2019, but there seems to be little updates

Here’s my review of the book

Tv series produced by Hulu, at least 8 episodes, based on book by John Green

As a fan of John Green and vlogbrothers I know it’s been a long road to get “looking for Alaska” adapted, with movie deals falling through. Now we’re finally getting it! The actress cast as Alaska is Kristine Frøseth (norwegian!!), which is surprising because she’s relatively “unknown”, but hopefully goes really well. The biggest problem with adapting this series is if the message of the book being about the problematic sides of a “manic pixie dream girl”, and not being so subtle so it instead seems to promote that concept. This is a well-known problem though, and surely will work out. I think it’s going to be very interesting how they adapt this movie, and what kind of tone they set with it.

When? 2020

American gods will be back for a second season 10. March 2019!

The movie “PS I still love you” comes out probably late 2019. Tt’s the sequel to “To all the boys I’ve loved before” and it’s surely going to be as good as the first one.

A discovery of witches will continue for a second and third season. I enjoyed the first season, but cringed so much, so I hope it gets better.

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