How is my TBR going? Spring Update

At the start of 2019 I made an ultimate TBR for the whole year. As we’re three months in and some more, and it’s starting to become spring everywhere else than where I live (there’s still danger of snow until long into May here) – let’s have a look of how I’ve followed it. I’m actually not sure if I have made any progress.

Books I’ve read so far

Books that were also on my TBR:

  • Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman (review)
  • BRANCHES by Rhiannon McGavin (review coming)
  • Women in science (review)
  • The wicked king by Holly Black (review)
  • Girl mans up by M-E Girard (review)
  • Legion by Brandon Sanderson (I’ve read first and second out of three books)
  • 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (just started reading)
  • The truth about keeping secrets (currently reading)

So from having read a total of 22 books this year, that’s 9 out of 47 books from the TBR list. I’m 19% there? Maybe a bit more considering that some of these books are norwegian and one of the goals was to read more (especially poetry) in my first language. That’s not too bad actually, I’m kind of surprised, even if I’d hoped for better.

My wish for the rest of the year

Is to read some books that becomes favourites! A lot of books have been enjoyable, but from the straight up fiction section I feel let down so far. It can also be because I have been reading a lot less than usual, in total page numbers, because I’ve had a lot to do.

4 thoughts on “How is my TBR going? Spring Update

  1. Naty March 28, 2019 / 8:16 am

    I’m excited to see what you think of 1Q84!! It’s been on my TBR for years by now.

    And I hope you find some books you love!

    Liked by 1 person

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