I Prefer Silence Sometimes? | Bi-Weekly Update

The sunbeams were really putting in the effort to reach us

New book posts:

Other books I’ve been reading:

Nocturnal by Wilder Poetry (currently reading)

Added to TBR:

Especially looking forward to The picture of Dorian Gray by Osar Wilde and Fight club by Chuck Palahniuk. Both classics and I really want to read more books with unreliable and/or morally bad narrators

Posts by other blogs I really liked

I’ve been so busy, and I’m going to continue to be for quite some time. So don’t be surprised when I comment on like two week old posts as I go through the backlog, oops.

A couple things on my mind

  • I have some mixed feelings about “quicksand”, the new swedish netflix series, but the story is told in such a great way. After the first episode I had quite a distasteful feeling. Why make it about a school shooter, and a confused girl at that? But the energy quickly changed in the second episode, as it’s obvious there’s more to the story, and from there on it was just such a great psychological nightmare. There’s just no moral high-ground among most of the characters decisions. The best scenes are from the prison cell the main character is in, where it shows how both monotone and chaotic isolation can be. TW: sexual assault, abuse, violence in general
  • Spring is here, people are energetic and hectic. Along with that I’ve really connected with all the things that make me an introvert these last two weeks. I’ve barely spent time at my house, with too many sleepovers in the city (I commute an hour for school and don’t go home if I’m to do anything social afterwards). I really love nature and one afternoon I was repacking my bags (again), and I just wanted so badly to skip that last formal party/dinner. I wanted to go down along the river to the ocean and sit there, and go back and curl into a blanket reading when it got too cold. I need to remember that while I love people, this is my preference most of the time and when I don’t get any ounce of alone time for too long it really tears at my patience and energy. It’s something I seem to forget over and over. Still, I was glad I went to the dinner/party? I don’t know who I am, is the conclusion from that.
  • I wanted to bring my blog over to Twitter, but I didn’t know if I should create an own account? I have one that is barely used that seems like a good option to just rename or rebrand, but I’m unsure.
  • What the fuck happened to Julian Assange today? This is going to be quite a thing
  • The photo of the black hole made me laugh, but I appreciate it
Bilderesultat for quicksand netflix
“Quicksand”, netflix poster
Katie Bouman, one of the creators of the algorithm that made the black hole photo possible

4 thoughts on “I Prefer Silence Sometimes? | Bi-Weekly Update

  1. Samantha Duffy April 11, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    As far as your twitter goes, I mean I just use my personal one. I barely used it before so I just changed the name and followed a bunch of people but yeah I don’t think you necessarily need a whole new one :]

    Did you add Scythe to your TBR for the Bookmarked Book Club?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Samantha Duffy April 11, 2019 / 10:15 pm

        Bookmarked is run by three youtubers, Hailey from Hailey in Bookland, Hannah from a Clockwork Reader and Zoe from RedbyZoe. They just started their book club last month Daisy Jones and the Six and it was so much fun! This month they picked Scythe. They will post a live chat on Youtube at the end of the month where they discuss the book with us etc. You can still view the Daisy Jones one, it was saved. They also have a Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram account so you can keep up with updates that way too

        Liked by 1 person

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