Pride & Parties | Bi-Weekly Update

New book posts:

Other books I’ve been reading:

*this reader is on a hiatus as i’m spending all my free-time getting drunk and dancing. not preferable in the long run as my feet hurt so much and i miss book&tea time, but it’s much fun and going to persist another week until exam season is upon me (so more likely semi-hiatus until the end of may)*

Other blog posts I liked:

  • I really haven’t been able to catch up on everyone’s great posts, so if I’m commenting on two week old posts soon that’s why!
  • Run Away With Dream Thieves posted Muslim book recommendations, which immediately added a lot of muslim books to my TBR. Always looking to read about other cultures and learn along with being entertained. Also lovely to see someone who’s muslim liking Angel Rahim in “I was born for this” by Alice Oseman! I thought that was such a great book about fan-culture, but also self-discovery and friendship, etc.
  • Acquadimore also talked about diversity in her post of What changed in American YA from 2010 to 2019. Again with the theme of wanting more non-US YA books and more diverse perspectives, even if it’s gotten better. Whatever gets popular all of a sudden becomes such a trend in the American YA market, making books similar, which is unfortunate I think.

Added to TBR:

Three things on my mind:

  • I’ve been partying and finishing up my final tests before exam season, like I said I would last update. It’s really been great spending so much time with friends! Of course I’ve done things I’ve come to regret the next day, but mostly when I wander off alone at a party bored out of my mind, so now that we’ve all figured that out it’s gone better, HAH.
  • I also went to my first pride parade!!! With friends! It was pouring rain and my feet were so painful after the previous night, but pride surprisingly really shifted something in how comfortable I was, seeing people of all ages show up, along with going with close friends supporting each other. It was in a tiny community for the second year in a row, so it was really visible how much it meant to other people there too. I really appreciated the different christian organizations and groups that showed their support as well, which was a new thing to see for me.
  • AURORA’s new music video is out, and of course I love “The River”

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