Participating in #PrideLibrary19 🌈

I just finished my exams and said I would finally have time to relax and read, which I haven’t done much of the last months. And then I saw this LGBT June Pride challenge on Library Looter’s blog, who wrote about suggestions for the prompts, and it looked like too much fun. She’s hosting this Pride challenge with Anniek’s Library who wrote about the rules and Michelle Likes Things writing about pride.

My first recommendations for pride month is to listen to Taylor the Creator’s new IGOR album. And AURORA’s “The River”. At least that’s what I am doing while writing this post ❤

I’m just going to be clear that I’m not good with challenges in general. As horrible as I’m with following TBR lists. So I’m just going to try to read more lgbt books and participate when I feel like it and wanted to write this blog post to encourage more to join in!

Love from your village bi girl who attended her first pride this May and is currently packing up her house before she’s moving, meaning I don’t have too many physical books for photos which can become a problem. I’ll find a way. Also if anyone wants to trade a few YA books that I’ve got to leave behind or know where I could go for that, let me know ❤

3 thoughts on “Participating in #PrideLibrary19 🌈

  1. anniekslibrary May 30, 2019 / 4:44 pm

    Thank you for joining!! I’ll check out your music recs 🙂 So excited for June to start!


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