Three Reasons Behind My Reading Slumps

They just renovated this library and set in these cute sitting corners


The good old being guilty for not reading for school instead. How can I read a book on Einstein’s life when I have a lot of physics chapters I could get through. Not to mention fantasy books or other fiction.

My solution: read more poetry or graphic novels. I feel like I can read for a shorter period of time and still get a lot from it and it’s a different kind of reading that doesn’t remind me of the work I have left. But really that’s the temporary solution and the real solution is to realize I shouldn’t feel like I need to study all the time, and reading is something I love to do and don’t want to sacrifice completely. It’s better than watching tv series?

everything gives me ideas and now i’m writing again

I have this problem of having periods with writing where I’m all in it and the problems and conflicts are going through the back of my head all at once and then there’s periods of no writing at all. And when I’m all in it, picking up a book might mean I get three pages in before I have a fit on inspiration, or is just reminded that now is a great time, and need to put the book down and think or find something to write on and hours later that book is sad and discarded on the floor. And so is everyone else as long as it’s going on.

My solution: it doesn’t exist yet. I’ve just got to get it out it seems, much like any obsession, everything else I’ve tried has failed.

sometimes i’m just sick

Sometimes I don’t have concentration ability I usually do or the energy. I’m chronically ill and there’s been periods where I’ve needed the escape books usually can give me, but simply can’t seem to focus long enough to get into the story.

My solution: AUDIOBOOKS! To be completely honest – I mostly dislike audiobooks. Or I did, until one faithful summer where I spent a month in and out of hospital and needed surgery. Audiobooks became the savior, which I wrote a post about how my opinion changed on them and my favourite types.

I don’t think everyone of these reasons are something people will identify with, but for me “I don’t have the time” is less of a problem than “I don’t have the energy”, with reading as with most things. I naturally rather would spend time reading than watching tv, and there’s always downtime while waiting for things or people. I imagine I’ll be in more reading slumps starting studying again, but let’s hope for a (school)year of good health and lots of good books.

2 thoughts on “Three Reasons Behind My Reading Slumps

  1. Kenzie Pierce August 5, 2019 / 11:49 pm

    I totallllyyyy emotionally identify with these! I hate when I want to read but I look at the book and feel so tired all of a sudden. Love the post, very relatable 🙂

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