Maybe Reads #1 |Declutter My TBR

So I have a shelf of “maybe” reads on goodreads. Let’s try to clean it out, shall we? A bit of a spring clean. And then I didn’t post this until fall. But you get what I mean. I’ve already tried the Down the TBR Hole for trying to make this TBR shorter, but these books are more at random.

Rags & Bones by Marr, Gaiman and a lot more

Date: October 2016


Retelling of classic tales, which can be both really good or really bad.

Keep, if only for the Gaiman story

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Date: December 2016


Reader friends seem to not like the execution, even if they like the idea of it.

Negatives: I’m not the biggest fan of badly done victorian style books, and the synopsis give me very little to go on. Also it is apart of a series.

Let go

Of fire and stars by Audrey Coulthurst


Negative: The synopsis of princesses and alliances of marriage wanted me to let this go

Positive: a promised big lesbian romance. This seems to be a trend for making me change my mind, hah.

Keep, for the lesbians

The song of all by Tina LeCount Myers


Negatives: synopsis gives me no idea of what this is

Positives: It’s set in the winter and scandinavian

Keep, it’s worth one try

The eagle tree by Ned Hayes


Positives: Main character is a young autistic boy, and I really want to read books from experiences I don’t know of.

Negatives: The goodreads rating is kind of bad (3.8). How is it about trees? I’m confused

Maybe?? I need some input

Girl, stolen by April Henry


Blind girl? Great. Kidnapping? Oh, well – Accidental kidnapping? NO, I’m out. That’s not my style, thinking about it.

Let go

The fact of a body: a murder and a memoir by Alexandra Marzano-Lesnevich


True crime, which I like, but I don’t remember why I added this book. All the reviews seem to say nothing of substace about what’s going on.

Maybe, confused about what the book is about

Exit west by Mohsin Hamid


Positives: Magical realism, romance during chaos and civil war, becoming refugees

Keep, and I really rediscovered how good this seems

4 thoughts on “Maybe Reads #1 |Declutter My TBR

  1. Tammy September 29, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard really good things about The Song of All.

    Liked by 1 person

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