About me

I’m Eline, 22 years old. I used to live in a cold, small valley in Norway that I somehow adored. But then I moved to university, studying physics with some of the most interesting people I’ll probably ever meet and that’s the reason I’m blogging about books less these days. But I still adore reading and reviewing books and will definitely do so when I feel like it!

I love reading because you can see the world from other perpectives, learn new things, formulate your ideas better or simply escape reality for a while. They make you take a break and reflect, in many ways. Therefore I read everything from young adult, fantasy, classics, biographies (the only type of audiobook I love), poetry and non-fiction. As I’m studying science (mainly physics), I sometimes read about that as well outside of school. Well, very rarely, I am definitely one of those students who would rather not do anything that feels ‘obligatory’. But recommend me popculture physics books and I’ll definitely review them (as the second year undergrad I am)!

I’m also chronically ill (with Crohn’s disease among a couple others) and I’ve really been on a search for good books with chronically ill characters. If you have any suggestions send them my way!