Reading Harry Potter in spanish

It’s the middle of winter vacation and I’ve decided to start a project: to read “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” in spanish. Which makes it “Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale”, I had to google translate that, so now you know the level I’m at. In other words; wish me luck. 

A bit of background: I’ve had spanish in school for four and a half years. As usual with school language classes, the first three years we learned the basics, like colours and numbers. The fourth year we suddenly learned a shit-ton (in comparison) of grammar and verbs. Reading a spanish book now is mostly motivated by the stress of having a spanish test in a week and my (actual for forever) final exams in three to four months. I’ve always wanted to learn languages, especially spanish, but having it as a school subject is a different thing and much worse as I need a good grade.

Hopefully reading this book will expand my vocabulary, make me more comfortable with spanish and bring some fun to it! At the very least be a challenge, and I don’t think it will be a problem to tick that box after having read the first chapter. Fortunately I’m reading the book on kindle, so I can translate words I don’t understand. So far I’ve figured out muggle is the same in spanish, Quien-usted-sabe is you-know-who and búhos is owls.

I’ve read the Harry Potter series multiple times, in two languages (English and Norwegian), so I hope this will be an okay experience. Maybe this post will keep me accountable, to stay to my plan and read a chapter each day. Or a chapter over two days, as I get more busy after the vacation ends. I have yet to figure out how often I will update my progress, but at least I’ve started.

Anyone else has experience learning language through reading? It’s a big part of how I learned english, so took a long time to learn to pronounce words as well. Learned only a couple months ago recipe isn’t pronounced like receipt, which made my friends laugh. The struggles of being a reader, I guess.

WWW Wednesday, 21. February 2018

It’s the middle of winter vacation and I finally have more times on my hand to read and relax! This is my first time participating in WWW Wednesday by answering these weekly three questions. If you would like to know more, it’s hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

What did you recently finish reading?



“Silence Fallen” by Patricia Briggs, the 10th (what!) book in the Mercy Thompson series. I’m mostly reading it out of nostalgia now, but the plot was pretty based on nostalgia as well. Book review out soon!

What are you currently reading?


Too many books at once. “We have no idea” by Jorge Cham, a science book, just started the steampunk fantasy book “Airborn” by Kenneth Opel which seems promising and “Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale”, the spanish version of the first Harry Potter book. I hope to read a couple chapters of it each week for the near future. I’m only able to read multiple books at once if they’re very different genres.

What do you think you’ll read next?


I’m horrible at prediciting, more often than not I will rebel against myself and end up reading something entirely different.

I really want to read “The words of radiance” by Brandon Sanderson soon, but we’ll see. It’s a big book that I have trouble putting down, so I’ll need to have my weekend open so I can, as I have with most other Sanderson books, read it long into the night.