We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

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This is an awesome book.


Henry Denton is abducted by aliens, who gives him a chance to save the world. He simply has to push a big red button before January 29 2016, which gives him 144 days to make the choice.

Saving the world would perhaps be an easy choice for most, but Henry is very realistic about his place in the universe, and how they’re all going to die someday. This feeling got stronger after his boyfriend committed suicide the year before and he’s not speaking to his closest friend Audrey. His family has a lot to deal with too, and more often than not he questions if it would be easier if the whole world simply stopped. It’s not like he’s the one destroying the world if he doesn’t push the button. Right?

My thoughts


I read this book in one sitting, and it was great. So well written, with a nerdy gay main character and so many layers of problems for him to fight through.

Pretty early on it’s clear that Henry prefer not to push the button and save the earth. I can’t figure out if Henry’s depressed or just dealing with an inhuman amount of shit at once. Might be both. He’s still grieving his boyfriend, and trying to figure out why he killed himself. The world doesn’t contain easy answers and Henry slowly has to realize that. But it’s a beautiful book because of his questions and lack of answers. Loved the “we are the ants” metaphors as well.

It’s simply a very good book that I would shove in people’s faces if it would make them read it.

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