Quote of the Week #6

This week let’s make it two quotes, from the same book “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. This week’s quotes is brought to you by me travelling, to my childhood city this summer and I do not agree with the first quote. Once I did, but your surroundings has a lot to say, and your ability to influence them. In my old city I was unhappy, for reasons outside of my ability of control. I brought some of these reasons to the new city, I also gathered a few new ones, but the worst ones were left behind. Was it right to move? Who the fuck knows, but that’s something you could say about most decisions in life. So I included the second quote to balance it out a bit, “leave no path untaken” sounds lovely, but doesn’t really exist either does it? With every choice you make there’s A LOT of paths untaken, but you know- sometimes you got to try different paths just to see where they lead you. 

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