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So I’ve gone through a lot of my unfinished series and sorted them into those I want to finish and those I’ve finally given up on, if you want that second list please let me know.

Splintered by A.G. Howard



It’s a great series so far and I have yet to read book three Ensnared and the shorter story Untamed. I need to know how all these characters ends up, even though I didn’t feel as excited for book two as book one. It helps that it has fantastic goodreads ratings (4.2!!)


Demonata by Darren Shan


Listen, I started this series back when I was a kid. It was absoloutely horrifying and I LOVED IT. Darren Shan was the author behind a lot of my nightmares, but I weirdly related to the main character that as far as I remember was nothing like me. I’ve read book one through eight out of ten and I really want to read the whole thing again. I distinctly remember a boy absoloutly hating his sister and putting rat guts in her hair towel. And then everyone partners up with demons, or something. There’s some twisted characters. Darren Shan’s other series Cirque du Freak is a great vampire series as well. I’m convincing myself here, I need to pick these up again soon.

All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness


I really liked book one, I don’t really remember book two. I think I’ll need to reread it along with reading book three, which is the reason I haven’t done it yet. I hate rereading books I kind of remember, if they’re not really good. I love witch books though, and the time travelling in this series was actually good.



Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi


Shatter me was a nice trilogy, I didn’t agree with every choice and the first book was the best, but especially with the novellas I was satisfied. Then a new book comes out, which I’m all excited about and I’ve seen one good review in a sea of bad ones among the book blogs I follow. They’re all saying how excited they were, then the characters changed too much and all went to shit. I’m slightly horrified, but still thinking about reading it. It has a good goodreads rating, but I’m suspicious.


Of Neptune by Anna Banks



This is a cute and entertainting mermaid series and I’ll be delighted to continue it with the third book and novellas during next summer. I really like gathering up summer reads, anyone else?




The Others by Anne Bishop



Vision in Silver, the third book in the excellent The Other, an urban fantasy series. It’s one of the better urban fantasy I’ve read, maybe beaten by Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thomson series. If you have any urban fantasy recommendations, send them my way! I really like how the community of supernatural beings are built up in this one, along with the main characters place among them as an diplomat of sorts.

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