Rainbows & Unease | Bi-Weekly Update

As I’m writing this the girls in front of me are discussing promoting Amnesty campaigns (I think especially through local youth group’s insta) for protecting LGBTQ people and especially Pride Parade Turkey, so there’s actually queer stuff everywhere.

New book posts:

Other books I’ve been reading:

I’ve been reading again! Which means I’ve not completely lost the ability to, hah!

  • Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore (currently reading)
  • The life-changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo
  • Running with lions with Julian Winters (queer)
  • The cybernetic tea shop by Meredith Katz (queer)
  • 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (I haven’t been making progress since last time … oops)

Added to TBR:

  • The gilded wolves by Roshai Chokshi (YA fantasy, Siobhan loves it so that’s promising)
  • On the edge of gone by Corinne Duyvis (queer dystopia)
  • Brave face by Shaun David Hutchinson (queer memoir, rec by Anniek)
  • War of the foxes by Richard Siken (poetry, queer)
  • Steel by Carrie Vaughn (YA fantasy w/ fencing! and pirates!)
  • You know me well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan (queer YA)
  • A memory called empire by Arkandy Martine (queer scifi, rec by Acquadimore)
  • Out of salem by Hal Schrieve (queer YA with zombies!)
  • City of strife (queer fantasy, rec by Alex) by Claudie Arseneault

Great posts from other blogs!

Three things on my mind:

  • I cut the complaining out of this post. I’ll just sum it up in one sentence; I don’t know when my last exam is yet and I just had to spend an hour and a half to postpone an important hospital thing, and then I can only do two months later… fuck, why can’t anything just be simple sometimes.
  • It’s summer! I’m not as excited about it as I always am, because I’m really really nervous. I’ve been going back and forth with myself about why, but then I realized – the problem is last year’s summer. It was horrible, as I finished my last exam in May last year and was admitted to hospital straight afterwards (with a bad lung infection and fluids pooling up, and also needed minor surgery on my gallbladder). The complications meant I was in and out of hospital far into July. I’m not that ill this time, but I think finishing exams and planning summer is quite the trigger for worry of it happening again. When it comes down to it, the only thing I can do is try to relax, but you know – not that easy.
  • AURORA came out with a new album as I’m writing this!!! The second part to “A different kind of human” and it’s magical. Here’s the link to Spotify. Haven’t found it on youtube yet, but I’ll link to the newest song. I really like “The River” and overall a new album is just the thing I need to calm down. Also the song Daydreamer has definitely something I relate to; “White, silicon eyes, watching storms, sitting quiet// Reading books in the heat of city lights // Bored, everyone’s bored // When I’m restless, put me under the night life stars // And I will feel grounded

Regular book reviews will return shortly ❤

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